The challenge and opportunity was to develop 
and express the strategic positioning of The Central Oregon Golf Trail to maximize awareness and generate growth in golf-related travel. With so many golf travel options—some of which have considerably more awareness and perceived status—how can “The Trail” gain more consideration as a premier destination?



We began by clearly defining the profile of The Travel Golfer—specifically the Central Oregon Golfer target. Once we knew exactly who we were talking to, we crafted messaging and began developing a new identity for "The Trail" that fit within existing COVA brand guidelines. Finally, we delivered a flexible, targeted content-centric campaign that let the amazing diversity of the local courses and the incredible beauty of the natural surroundings do most of the talking.



Upon first insertions, COVA received 500% higher call volume for golf-related travel bookings.



Consumer Target Research and Strategy 

Destination Brand Positioning 

Campaign Creative Development and Production  

One of the key drivers of travel to the Central Oregon region is through golf-related vacations. The “Central Oregon Golf Trail” continues to gain national acclaim for having some of the best courses in the country—3 out of Top 100 as ranked by Golf Digest. The area is also recognized as one of the Top 25 Golf Destinations in the world for its abundance of natural beauty and diverse course designs, all at an unbelievable value.

Central Oregon has 3 of the Top 100 courses in the country and nobody would ever know it.

“Audible was really able to help the entire Central Oregon Golf Board get aligned on how to approach marketing. From defining the target, to understanding their golf travel tendencies and ultimately creating inspiring golf creative, we have seen unbelievable results.”