While MCA Golf is unrivaled in material and construction innovation, the highly technical product story is difficult to translate to both what they build for professional-level players as well what the weekend warrior benefits from that innovation.



With deep existing insight into the golf category, we helped MCA express its new pro-grade TiNi technology in “regular-joe” golfing terms. A highly-technical finish that tells the story of professional-grade innovation drives directly to the intended every-golfer benefit of distance.



In 2016, KuroKage gained immediate traction on the PGA Tour with many top-25 players putting it in the bag and with the early spring consumer market following. Taking note of the Tour and aftermarket adoption, numerous club equipment manufacturers requested KuroKage shafts for all 2017 product. 



Product Portfolio Strategy

Product Branding & Design

Technology Branding & Key Messaging 

Mitsubishi sets the bar for wins on the PGA Tour, as well as every tour around the world. With over 80 years of developing world-leading composites and fibers, nobody knows how to make better graphite golf shafts than MCA Golf. 


Over the past few years, demand has grown for exotic, high-performance shafts. And MCA Golf has kept pace with numerous franchises within its brand portfolio. 

The scoreboard never lies.

“AUDIBLE knows the golf landscape and what various golf segments are looking for to help their game. Their strategic and creative skills helped us take extremely technical product engineering stories and bring to the product design in a compelling, performance centric way.